We believe we are not a sustainable company yet but we are progressive. At Verozi we are committed to conducting our business responsibly, sustaining the natural environment and positively impacting the communities in which we operate.


We believe that sustainability makes our business stronger. So to begin, we are committed to considering the impact of our decisions on workers, society and the environment. The below sustainability pillars are the start of our collective journey:


We initiated this by making a responsible supply chain and hence we map every step of a product for its standards, health and safety which in turn contributes to the well being of people and planet. 



We initiated this by building a foundation of equality and all together, a workplace where employees feel all aspects of themselves are valued. We strive empower women across our value chain, from those who craft our products to those who wear them.



Our first priority is to reduce energy use and switch to renewable energy sources wherever possible. We adapted more energy efficient LED lights in our facilities. Our next step is to increase our product material efficiency and introduce more efficient materials in our collections made with recycled metal sources.